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Recommended equipment & plug-ins


It is software that becomes a work place for mixing. Import the sound source into your DAW, apply various effects, and mix. Cubase is used in my commentary video, so if you are worried about how to operate your DAW, you can learn smoothly by using Cubase.
Cubase comes in three grades (Elements, Artist, Pro) and two trial versions (AI, LE). Cubase Artist comes with the correction software VariAudio, and it is recommended because it has all the functions used for singing.
(To use Cubase Artist and Pro, it was necessary to purchase eLicenser separately, but it is no longer necessary from Cubase 12)

* For details, please see the introductory video .

・ Cubase Pro

・ Cubase Artist


・ Cubase Elements

・ ELicenser

Cubase Artist.png

[Audio Interface]

Equipment for connecting a PC to a microphone or headphones. By using the audio interface, the sound quality can be improved and the delay can be eliminated. Use the audio interface so that you can hear even the slightest changes.

Since Cubase is used for the explanation video, the audio interface that comes with Cubase AI is recommended. Upgrading from Cubase AI to Essential, Artist, or Pro is cheaper than buying a new one.

Cubase AI comes with the UR12 and UR22mkII sold by Cubase maker Steinberg. The UR22mkⅡ has more input / output terminals, but if you just sang it, the UR12 is enough.

・ UR12 (with Cubase AI)


・ UR22mkⅡ (with Cubase AI)


For those who want to stick to the audio interface, we also recommend "SSL2", RME "Babyface Pro FS", AUDIENT "iD14mkII", UNIVERSAL AUDIO "VOLT 1", and ANTELOPE AUDIO "Discrete 4 Synergy Core " . However, the change in sound quality due to the audio interface is not as great as that of a microphone or headphones, so the priority is not that high.

・ SSL2


・ RME "Baby face Pro FS"

Baby face Pro.png

・ AUDIENT "iD14mkII"







・ ANTELOPE AUDIO "Discrete 4 Synergy Core"





[Monitor headphones]

You need headphones for so-called mix. Sony's MDR-900ST introduced here is a standard among the standard.
In my opinion, how many people are using monitor headphones rather than good or bad performance. In other words, it is important whether it is the standard of sound.

​ Of course, there is no doubt about the sound quality and performance as it has become a standard item.
Also, it will be easier to give advice later if you work in the same environment as me.

・ SONY "MDR-CD900ST" (super standard)


As another option, YAMAHA "HPH-MT8" is also recommended. It has a flat sound and is well-received by professionals. The MDR-900ST is closer to the sound and it is easier to hear changes in the texture of the vocals, so it is recommended that you make fine adjustments with the MDR-900ST and use the HPH-MT8 for mastering and adjusting the volume.



The price will go up a little, but the JVC "HA-MX100V" is the recommended headphone. I have been using the MDR-CD900ST for almost 10 years, but recently I have only used the HA-MX100V. This is because the HA-MX100V sounds like the MDR-CD900ST has a better resolution. If you like the sound of the MDR-CD900ST, please try the HA-MX100V. I'm sure you won't be able to return to the MDR-CD900ST.

・ JVC "HA-MX100V"


[Pitch / rhythm correction software]

Pitch and rhythm correction work is essential to improve quality.


Melodyne has the best operability of any correction software. Since correction is a very time-consuming task, operability is especially important.

Since you can't edit multiple tracks at the same time unless you're at the top level, you'll want Studio if you can, but if you can't afford it, start with Assistant. If you can take advantage of the sale, you can upgrade from Assistant to Studio cheaply.

* For details, please see the explanation video of the correction edition.

・ Melodyne Studio

・ Melodyne Assistant


・ Melodyne Essential


[VST plug-in]

You can mix with standard DAW effects, but the paid VST plug-in is easier to handle and has better sound quality. Therefore, the paid VST plug-in is used in the explanation video.

There is a charge, but if it is a demo version, you can use it for a certain period of time for free, so please try it for free first. The explanation video explains how to install the demo version.

* For details, please see the commentary video of the main story.

* Sale information will be posted on Twitter.

* The explanation video uses the plug-in introduced here. If you want to learn smoothly, we recommend that you have all the plugins.


​​・ Waves Platinum (more than 54 types of plug-ins)

Waves Plutinum.png

・ Waves J37 (purchased separately)


・ Vertigo VSC-2 (purchased separately)


・ Pro-Q3 (purchased separately)


[Dynamic microphone]

If you are not confident in the measures against echoes, you can record better with a dynamic microphone. I don't think it's a loss to have one.

・ SHURE SM58 (super classic)


・ SENNHEISSER E935 (clear sound quality)


・ SHURE KSM8 (high sound quality)


[Condenser microphone]

Since it can pick up even smaller sounds than dynamic microphones, we recommend condenser microphones if you are confident in your countermeasures against echoes.

・ Audio technica AT4040 (flat sound)


・ AKG C214 (clear sound quality)


・ AKG C414 XLⅡ (high sound quality)


[Reflection filter]

The sound quality of home recording affects in the following order.

Presence or absence of echo  >>> Presence or absence of IF > Microphone performance > IF performance

Therefore, it is a good idea to spend money on measures against echoes.

SE ELECTRONICS products are excellent for reflection filters. Not to mention the reduction of reverberation, there is almost no change in sound quality. We recommend Pro, but if you have a tight budget, RF-X will work well.

* For details, please see the explanation video of the introduction .

・ Reflexion Filter Pro

Reflexion Filter Pro.png

・ RF-X (lower grade of Reflexion Filter Pro)


[Sound absorbing material]

If the sound absorbing material cannot be attached to the wall in a rental house, it is effective enough to install it around it. Use a clothespin to fix the sound absorbing material (UNX3) to the compact 5-series clothesline, and surround the microphone for recording. However, since the height is only about 140 cm, if you want to sing while standing, use two NiCSo Twofolds to surround the microphone and record.

* For details, please see the explanation video of the introduction.

・ SONEX UNX3 (6 pieces 61cm x 122cm)


・ Compact 5 consecutive clothes drying


・ Stainless steel clothespin set of 8


・ NiCSo Twofold (2 required)


[Simple soundproof room]

If you need a soundproofing effect, attach a sound absorbing material (UNX3) to the recording. Be sure to attach the sound absorbing material because the echo sound is terrible as it is. Please use butyl tape to attach the sound absorbing material.

* Please do not attach the sound insulation sheet.

* For details, please see the explanation video of the introduction.

・ Danbocchi


・ Double-sided butyl tape

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