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How to sing MIX

Support method (how to watch the sequel video)

​​The sequel video is open to supporters only.

The sequel video introduces what to do if the content of the main video is not enough.

In addition, due to time constraints, we also supplement the content that could not be explained.

To be honest, there are quite a few cases where the content of the main video alone is not enough.

The video is very rich (video time: about 50 minutes), so please consider it.

[Support method]

The support method is Amazon Gift Certificate: ¥ 2,000.

Please purchase from here ( ).

Recipient →

Giver → Your Twitter ID (example: @ Yc_nm0326 )


As soon as we can confirm it, we will inform you the URL of the viewing destination of the sequel video by DM.

(Bank transfer is also available, so please contact us by DM)

[Explanation content]

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