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[Notes on recording]


The following are notes on recording for reference.

  1. Never change the distance to the microphone throughout the song

  2. The distance from the condenser microphone is about 15 to 20 cm.

  3. Dynamic microphone is a little closer than that

  4. The closer the distance to the microphone, the smaller the effect of the echo sound.

  5. If the echo sound is conspicuous, take measures against the echo sound. If you can't, use a dynamic microphone.

  6. The closer the distance to the microphone, the stronger the bass (proximity effect).

  7. Adjust the final distance while listening to the tone (consult!)

  8. The median recording volume is about -18db

  9. Never exceed 0db for peaks

  10. If the noise is noticeable, leave only the noise part (1 second is OK)

  11. Sampling rate should be consulted with MIX teacher. (I recommend 48kHz or 96kHz)

  12. The bit rate at the time of writing is 32bit floating point (24bit is recommended at the time of recording)

  13. Write out the part where the voice (breathing) is covered even a little as a separate track

  14. Turn off the mouse click

  15. When soundproofing, attach a sound absorbing material to the entire surface because it is easy to reverberate. (Soundproofing creates an environment that is very reverberant.)

In the case of home recording, it is very important to take measures against echoes.

This video explains how to deal with echoes , so please take a look.

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