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How to get the hottest Three-Body Tech "Kirchhoff EQ" at the lowest price [PluginFox].

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Three-Body Tech "Kirchhoff EQ" is an EQ that is similar in GUI and operability to the popular EQ FabFilter "Pro-Q3" and is being talked about as possibly surpassing Pro-Q3 in terms of function and sound quality.

■Features of the Three-Body Tech "Kirchhoff EQ

7 analog EQs

You can set the unique analog EQ curve, which is different from the digital EQ. Please try to find your favorite sound.

Console E

Console G

Tone Stack

Vintage Tube

EQ 250

Birt N


Dynamic EQ with detailed settings

The Attack and Release settings, Below/Above functions allow the user to set two types of thresholds, and the Detect/Relative function allows the user to arbitrarily determine the bandwidth that triggers the operation. The ability to apply analog EQ is also attractive.

「Above」:Compressor (or upward expander)

「Below」:Expander (or upward compressor)

Four phase modes

There are four types to choose from: Mix, Minimum, Analog, and Linear. We recommend Minimum as the basic setting, and Analog if you want an analog feel.

117-bit processing and oversampling

For those who want even higher quality sound processing, 117-bit processing and oversampling x 2 can be turned on.

How to buy Kirchhoff-EQ at the lowest price

Kirchhoff EQ" can be purchased at a discount of 5-10% by going to an international site called PluginFox, where you can get a 5% off coupon if you earn 500 pts and a 10% off coupon if you earn 1000 pts. Below is how to earn points.

1. click on Loyalty Points after logging in

Please create a PluginFox account and log in. Then click on Loyalty Points.

2. do all the items in Ways to earn

In addition to signing up, you can share on Facebook and Twitter, follow on Instagram, etc. Just clicking the buttons will get you points. If you want the 10% off coupon, please follow the steps below.

3. set birthday and purchase $200 worth of plug-ins

You can get 200 pts on your birthday, so please go to EditDate and set your birthday (but your birthday must be at least 1 month away). Also, PluginFox gives you 1pt for every $1 you spend, so if you buy a $200 worth of plug-ins, you will get 200 pts, for a total of 1000 pts.

Kirchhoff EQ" is normally $149, so if you use the 10% off coupon, you can save $14.9 (about $1,800/$1 conversion).


Try it and see if you can get a 10% coupon right away from the invitation code.

【Recommended plug-ins in PluginFox】

In addition to KirchhoffEQ, I recommend it, which can be purchased at PluginFox.


This is a very useful plug-in that allows you to examine the behavior of plug-ins. Many digital EQs display EQ curves, but many plug-ins modeling analog EQs do not display EQ curves, so it is not possible to check how they are behaving.

By using PluginDoctor, you can check the behavior. It is also possible to examine how overtones and comps are applied. Understanding the behavior of a plug-in can give you hints on how to use it and how to set it up.


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